"i'm the creation, You're the Creator, i am imperfect, You're the Redeemer, i'm filled with questions, You are the Answer, i am a sinner, You are my Savior. You are the One for me. and i belong to You. for the record i'm a full-time failure, You know me better than i know myself." -Mandi Mapes, "You're the one for me"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guatemala: thoughts

So its been a while. I got back from Guatemala about 2 weeks ago. I'm sitting in here Panera, now finishing studying and feeling like I have some time to write this post. I have no idea where it will go, so it will just be a long train of thoughts.

I loved Guatemala. I loved the people I went with, the people I met and the people I served to bring glory to God. However, since I've been back in America I've not really felt the "high" people many times feel on these trips. Don't get me wrong, I miss it and had a hard time coming back, but I feel like I am moving forward. That trip taught me a lot about myself, and what I feel God's plans are for me and my life. A few things I've learned:

I'm a relational person. On this trip we spent a few hours with people at two different locations. Leaving those people and children was the hardest thing I did on that trip, harder than lugging dirt around and hiking a volcano. I wanted to hear those people's stories, know everything about them, and want to follow them through their lives. This is why I think I wanted to help NAthan's ministry so much, because he has relationships with those people, and will be able to watch those boys grow. Im a long term person, and these short term missions hurt my heart a little every time.

More options. Do you remember when you used to think the only real jobs were doctor, lawyer, whatever your parents did and teacher? And then you realize you can work with children in health care as a child life specialist, but never have to become a pediatrician. This trip showed me that there are more ways to minister to people than just be a missionary in the traditional sense of the word. Nathan talked about how his sons go to a school for missionary kids, and I got really excited. I've thought a lot about doing Teach for America, but realizing that using my talents as a support for missionary families to provide their children with a quality Christian education got me very excited. His students fo to a Christian school with all volunteer teachers, who spend at least two years in Guatemala. Realizing that there are ways to support those families working day in and day out to bring the glory of God to new people was eye opening for me. That conversation at a fancy restaurant with Nathan changed things for me. There is still praying to be done, obviously, but this opened my eyes to new options and opportunities that I hadn't heard about before.

I really like South/Central America. I don't know Spanish, at all. But for some reason my heart is drawn to these people. I'm sure that reason is God. I don't know why, or even want to know why. I just know that these people are incredibly beautiful people, with great hearts and hospitality. Incredible people.

Feel free to ask more questions.

also, I got my new Key Word Study Bible today. It's phenomenal. I adore it and the Word of God.

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  1. I am so proud of you! Keep your eyes on God and He will show you each step to take. Remember we love you and will prayer for you and any and all decisions you have to make. It is wonderful to watch you grow closer to Jesus and to see you reflect His love!