"i'm the creation, You're the Creator, i am imperfect, You're the Redeemer, i'm filled with questions, You are the Answer, i am a sinner, You are my Savior. You are the One for me. and i belong to You. for the record i'm a full-time failure, You know me better than i know myself." -Mandi Mapes, "You're the one for me"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Sorry I've been gone. It was a whirlwind of a week last week with ending two internships (I'll talk more about that),

 moving out of my subleased apartment to come home for ten days of family and alone time,
family vacay, instagram

 to then move back for my senior year of college. It'll be crazy, so I won't be around as often this week and next.

But I promise I'm not gone forever. [becuase you may have looked at dates on previous posts and thought she's gone forevah again.]

this time feels very different. more prayer less me.

so ill be around, and then back in the swing soon.

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